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Well, ha, yeah, I’m yes he could be well conscious of that.

i am talking about, the fan community for The O.C. is much like with its mid-to-late-20s or even 30s at this stage, therefore ideally this throwaway that is little joke is not totally blowing everyone’s minds, but yes, I’m sure he knows that there’s a diehard contingent available to you who’s surprised, appalled, saddened in what he’s said. And I’d have to assume that that has been their intent. He can’t have these barnacles clinging to their boat any more. He’s a 34-year-old guy who would like brand brand new possibilities, new performing adventures, so that as long as he’s got these Seth Cohen maniacs nowadays demanding he wear Converse sneakers along with his locks all rumply and commemorate Chrismukkah on a yearly basis, he can’t make genuine progress. So he’s killed Seth down, and ideally with him several of those barnacles. Continue reading