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AI Syoujyo: Girls Status. These values control the condition that is current of girl. There are a variety of states girls can experience.

All characters are in minimum 18

  • Girls Status
  • Products
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Housing
  • Animals
  • H Guide


  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Period
  • 3 States
  • 4 Life Style
  • 5 Parameters
  • 6 Desire
  • 7 Girls characteristics
  • 8 Ecchi faculties


These values control the present condition for the girl.

  • Heat: Affects getting unwell. Increase with moving close to fire. Decrease by moving in rainfall or through waterfal, or damp towel
  • Mood: Affects “Lets have intercourse” presence in chat and also the available jobs during intercourse. Increase with diry talk.
  • Hunger: Decrease with consuming together, or suggesting to consume. Keep in mind that to produce her cook, you want fresh ingredidents, not prepared meals in the storage. Offering prepared food as present doesn’t appear to change hunger.
  • Weakness (Physical): Self explanatory
  • Life:
  • Inspiration: Affects just just just how much talk action you certainly can do along with her in a single shot.
  • Immoral:


This can be denoted by the Hearts regarding the reputation display. Continue reading