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Use It: New Hacks On T-Mobile Tuesdays On Android To Make It Better | Unlock It.

Verizon and Sprint phones rely on CDMA, so you’ll face a challenge bringing either one. Like many prepaid carriers and MVNOs, T-Mobile places a particular emphasis on midrange phones to pair with its service. You can grab the iPhone 12 or the Galaxy S21, but the real value comes from devices like the LG K51 or the Galaxy A21. Both will run you less than $300, or you can opt for the iPhone SE for $400. Our list of the Best T-Mobile phones may help to provide a better picture of your options.

On the first sign that your quality starts to slip I am leaving T-Mobile. Let me start off by saying I used to love this app. There used to be great prizes, and spinning the wheel or whatever else was exciting.

Lg Phones Business Is Officially Closing Down

Weak signal in most spots with unusable data, and in many more spots, NO signal. Other times I roamed on AT&T on spots that on T-Mobiles map showed a good signal coverage. This is besides the ongoing slow data speeds I get in my home/work areas. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since Feb. 2014 and while coverage has been improving in many places, it’s still an absolute joke when going to areas that have had Edge refarmed to Band LTE 5×5. If this is the best they click through to the following page can do for an “uncarrier movement”, then I doubt the next will be any better. Verizon is looking like a good option very soon.

Not yet, but T-Mobile plans to extend T-Mobile Tuesday offers to Sprint users soon. According to T-Mobile, all customers are eligible now, meaning all you’ll need is your phone number to sign up and get thanked. It’s a sweet deal if you’re a T-Mobile customer or at least part of the T-Mobile umbrella — Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile, etc. Major news for Metro by T-Mobile customers this week, with T-Mobile announcing that all customers are now eligible for the weekly gifts that are part of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

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I just spend time updating the app because you had a new logo. Most of the offers you don’t need or want in the first place. If you don’t check on Tuesday, you have to wait until next week. The app will billing you after the trial period is over or most likely start pestering you with emails and text messages. $20 off a play kit subscription for children I have no children and again they will bill you or add you to email/text ads. Who wants to send a post card, when you can send a live video, picture or text someone.

  • I was very excited when I first got my service to have this feature along with it but it is very much of the same things every single week.
  • He believed tacking the name T-Mobile onto it would elevate the brand’s status.
  • It’s also sending one lucky winner home with a brand new Tesla Model 3.
  • Now, T-Mobile Tuesdays has lost some of its appeal in the past few years, mostly because it offers a lot of small discounts, or free things that only cost a buck or two anyway.
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Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On T-Mobile Tuesdays App For Phones That Nobody Knows | Unlock It.

New and existing No Credit Check customers are eligible to activate or move to this plan. Bring your number and your phone , get up to $650 off per line. Get the best of live TV for half the cost of cable. With Live TV+, T-Mobile customers get access to top-rated entertainment for the whole family for only $50/month—half the average cable bill. With 3 lines on Essentials, you’ll save more on your plan than with AT&T or Verizon Plus, with loads of great benefits included, savings are just the beginning.

T-Mobile Money checking accounts offer the option to order a debit card. T-Mobile sent out an email to all customers about this. T-Mobile also made a big point to tell customers they can opt out and also provided a ink in the same email to do so, which I made use of. AT&T customers can opt out of AT&T’s ad program by visiting AT&T’s opt out website, and Verizon account privacy controls can be accessed through the Verizon privacy website. On the website, choose “My Account,” select “Profile, Privacy, and Notifications, then choose Advertising “& Analytics. Sprint users can change the setting through the Sprint website.

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It is nice to have the rewards in addition to the phone service. @rob_solo @TMobile Maybe you guys should fill in your customer service reps on this promotion because I just tried to upgrade a device to get the 5G phone and the rep had no idea what I was talking about. @NicholasT1979 @AustinFischerTX @TMobile @SneedTech @Techlife32 @thetechxtremist Nationwide reliable to me means using my phone for data ane making calls in the middle of no where. The 5G claim don’t mean squat if I don’t have usable service .

Especially considering a large amount of locations will not have to honor it because not every location supports mobile ordering. Well in this case his complaint is valid because this will most likely require mobile ordering and very few BK locations support that. why should we bother fighting a jacked CC number over a $1.99 burger?

Samsung Pay Gift Card Deals: 10

While it isn’t an actual bank, T-Mobile Money provides many of the same services that banks do. App Tracking Transparency is not relevant when it comes to carrier-level data tracking and sharing. Carrier data collection is not new, and AT&T and Verizon both have programs that share user data with advertisers. T-Mobile has long offered a free season-long subscription to MLB.TV as one of its perks, and now that same offering is back — but this time for Metro prepaid customers in addition to T-Mobile subscribers.

  • Is it just me, or do we not all get free pizza?
  • Download the app and learn more at
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  • Those lucky customers are all T-Mobile users, because Dunkin’ recently teamed up with the phone service to create a special discount.
  • The deal also includes the At Bat Premium app for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices, with up to ten devices supported at any time.
  • When I go to and login, it says that I am not eligible.