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Dating a French Man .True, but only if they’re driving (hot-headed) – data for traffic accidents in France are from the scales, staggering.

You’ve lived under a rock if you haven’t noticed a kind of abnormal obsession about French people. Concerning the guys along with the women being – how do I state, notably holier than thou, sexier, better enthusiasts, well cultured, better dressed, cooler, whatever?

I’m maybe not certain where most of the excitement is due to but perhaps, comment fonctionne lumenapp simply possibly there’s a grain of truth right here someplace. As well as though I’m writing this through the viewpoint of some body who’s resided in France for the previous 36 months – and in addition through the perspective to be hitched to 1 among these fascinating animals, we promise we won’t be too biased, ok?

Frequently stereotyped with what the French guy is said to be like, there are numerous of fables I’d prefer to examine under Le miscrosope de l’Amour.

Myth number 1: All French guys are hot

But let’s have straight back on the right track right here. To show my point, we must consider a few of the idols that are french movie movie stars etc.

Let’s begin with Serge Gainsbourg – an alcoholic, chain-smoking singer – whom by their own admission had not been exactly an oil artwork. He constantly made enjoyable of his much prized, exaggerated features, his nose, their ears, talking about finished . that balanced along with his neck as a ‘cabbage head’.

What’s more, the troublemaker that is irreverent freely about their addictions, burnt money on tv programmes and thought absolutely nothing of recounting their intimate activities with underage girls. Continue reading