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Too Het no. 3: ”There are merely girls only at that school”

Approaching the yuri genre; Japanese pop music artistic culture’s stories of women’s same-sex love and desire because of the motive of finding (and maybe borrowing) visual tropes of physical closeness – from skinship to intercourse, adds one further standpoint towards an currently contested genre. Classifying tales and representational methods in accordance with imputed audience’s gaze is apparently the easiest method at first to try and winnow away obviously exploitative girl-on-girl-action porn that has been custom-built for horny guys’ instant needs and never much else. From here on, it gets complicated.

An array of visitors, including right dudes could form a style for light romantic melodrama which yuri does perfectly, hence preventing the need certainly to slip into bookstores through the night purchasing Harlequin romances. Neither should we discount the selling point of viewing the primary character(s) progress by way of a shadow-of-lesbian (and sometimes even semi-realistic lesbian) bildungsroman, specially when we could cheer the character(s) on from a safe distance that is emotional. Continue reading