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Sidney Brinkley, “The Bottom Line, ” Blacklight 1, no. 2 (1979): 2. ?

“Cliques, ” Blacklight, December–January 1980–81, 5. ?

The Washington Blade reported in July 1978 that six homosexual males was indeed murdered since January of this year that is same. The guys had been reported to have frequented pubs in DC’s “hustler part near 13th and ny Ave. ” Lou Romano, “D.C. Police Report rise in Murder of Gays, ” Washington Blade, July 1978, 5. ?

In their essay “Without Comment, ” Essex Hemphill defines the Brass Rail as “the raunchy Ebony club” that is gay “was bulging out of their jockstrap. Drag queens ruled, B-boys chased giddy federal federal government workers, fast-talking hustlers worked the ground, while sugar daddies panted for attention within the shadows, providing free products and cash to virtually any friendly trade. Continue reading