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Pique their attention wordlessly. Emojis could be interpreted in several methods, therefore explaining your self using them in your Tinder profile results in follow-up concerns (you want this!).

Our very first date:

7. Unpopular viewpoints

Are you currently a little provocative or sassy? Relish in a debate that is good-natured? Sharing unpopular opinions in your Tinder bio could be the way that is best to spark the convos you love without having to be downright disagreeable.

Pat, 29 opinions that are unpopular

Dogs are overrated. The kingdom did absolutely nothing incorrect. Cards Against Humanity is lazy and boring. Burger King fries > McDonalds fries.

Maxine, 27 Unpopular viewpoints…

-Your child isn’t that precious. -Jim and Pam are manipulative and cruel. -Sitting in traffic is much more anxiety relieving than intercourse.

8. Favorite things

Get as specific as you’re able along with your Tinder profile bio. Continue reading