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Nationwide Monuments Provider – Archaeological Survey of Ireland

Posted by: Department of society, Heritage additionally the Gaeltacht

Certified under: Imaginative Commons Attribution 4.0

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This Archaeological Survey of Ireland dataset is posted through the database of this nationwide Monuments Service Sites and Monuments Record (SMR). This dataset can also be seen and interrogated through the on line Historic Environment Viewer. This data has been released for download as Open information beneath the DPER Open information Strategy and it is certified for re-use underneath the imaginative Commons Attribution 4.0 Global licence.

Since its inception, the Archaeological Survey of Ireland (ASI) has focused on recording monuments dating from before advertisement 1700, along with increased current web sites chosen in accordance with their attention or merit. A Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) ended up being given for several counties into the State. The SMR is a manual containing a numbered set of all particular and feasible monuments followed closely by 6-inch Ordnance Survey maps (at a low scale). An Urban Archaeology Survey had been finished and included reports on historic towns dating to before advertisement 1700 with a view to delineating areas of archaeological potential. Both the SMR additionally the Urban Archaeological Survey reports were granted to all the preparation authorities. The SMR formed the foundation for issuing the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) – the statutory range of recorded monuments established under part 12 of this National Monuments (Amendment) Act. The RMP ended up being released for every county in a format that is similar the prevailing SMR. But, the RMP varies through the early in the day listings in that, as defined within the Act, just monuments with known locations or places where you can find considered to be monuments are included. Continue reading