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Blacks, Indians do fall in love, Mr Malema

EFF leader BrazilCupid sign in Julius Malema recently stated that Indians are racist, specially toward black colored individuals.

Alochna Moodley, 26, played straight into their fingers whenever she referred to two fellow Kulula people by the k-word in a WhatsApp message.

She’s got since apologised, blaming her shortage of training about apartheid in school. She additionally destroyed her task.

Malema bizarrely cited the low price of intermarriage between Indians and Africans as evidence of this racism. “The most of those Indians see us as subhuman,” he stated.

But marriages such as this do occur and now have overcome culture’s prejudice toward them.

Lloyd and Janice Cele

Pop celebrity Lloyd Cele and their spouse Janice Cele, both 36 yrs . old, have already been proudly hitched for eleven years.

“I happened to be a singer at a youth event in KZN and she came around. We talked about our love for music therefore we had a connection that is instant. Continue reading