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Stress and harassment as collectors chase people that are wrong cash

Nicole Newman, a mother-of-one from Tottenham, north London, had been recently obligated to show her identification up to a bailiff after having a court order known as her home whilst the target of the council income tax absconder.

Letters began showing up 90 days she received an already-opened letter which stated that the following week an enforcement agent would be coming “for the purpose of taking control of goods and transporting such controlled goods to a place of sale” after she bought her house, until one day. a previous occupant with a completely different title owed significantly more than £7,000 in council income tax at another target, that has been provided regarding the enforcement notice.

Newman contacted the council that is local which informed her she needed to phone the enforcement representative straight. “I talked to your bailiff, who was simply actually terrible and aggressive,” Newman says. Continue reading