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I usually hear “sexuality is fluid, sexuality is fluid”. Does that produce me personally a freak?

Because i’ve simply no need to have intercourse with a lady whatsoever. They cannot turn me in, i actually do perhaps perhaps perhaps not jack down to females masturbating, etc. I will be undoubtedly strictly dickly.

Having said that, loads of my brothers’ straight friends have actually tried to sleep out I was gay with me when they found. They tended become drunk whenever they attempted it however.

@JAW: That’s the issue when religions are involve about the sanctity of wedding. They get rid of your whole human sex topics and hidden in a deep opening. Which is why relationship because defined by our culture is indeed screw up.

@DarkZephyr: No. It does not move you to a freak. It will always be a one method road by using these articles. Right guys secretly need d1ck, nevertheless the society that is eviln’t enable them to function as the d1ck loving “heteros” they are really.

We really think it is hilarious since we, as homosexual guys, are extremely resistant to your heterosexual training we’ve been put through since delivery plus the added proven fact that ex-gay treatment has been shown to be a damaging farce too.

Why some gay guys assert that guys can’t be 100% right no matter societal expections just like our company is 100% homosexual, is beyond me. Continue reading