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Bisexuals are confused. Our tradition is full of generalizations about history and historic numbers.

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Bisexuals are confused. Our tradition is filled with generalizations about history and historic numbers.

I am simply presently only a little disoriented about some information making the rounds about Sappho? Some people in the community that is lesbian stating that Sappho’s bisexuality ended up being fabricated by males as a means of erasing her lesbian identity and I also’m simply wondering if you can find sources to aid this or if perhaps it is simply another situation of biphobia?

Brief Response:

This is actually the deal: No one knows the truth that is exact Sappho. Everything we have is fragments of poems plus some really words that are flattering the Alexandrians. Besides having a ballpark of whenever she lived (600’s BC) and where (Lesbos), we realize next to nothing about her. Continue reading